COSMEDIX Masks Overview

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Meet the masks! Whether it’s a sheet mask, cream mask, gel mask, clay mask, enzyme mask, or texture-changing mask, this quick overview of our mask menu will help you determine which mask to choose to specifically target your client’s skincare concerns. • Supercharge your sheet masks • Cream, gel, clay, or alginate. Orig. 5/15/23

Deep Sea Peel Webinar

Deep Sea Peel
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Discover the Deep Sea Peel! During this webinar, we’ll discuss this popular treatment room offering, including client selection, proper technique, and prep-and post care. (4/17/23)

Understanding Inflammation I

COS 2 13 23 Inflammation Webinar
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Join us as we take a deeper look at stubborn circulatory redness, inflammation, and the wound healing cycle! This exciting webinar will explore proper homecare products as well as treatment room favorites for combatting sensitized skin. Original Live Webinar Feb 2023

Follow Along Holiday Facial Protocol

Follow Along Holiday Facial
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Join us at COSMEDIX as we get interactive with a “Follow Along” holiday facial protocol that will be sure to get your skin glowing and healthy right before the New Year!! In this Webinar you will see a full Demo Hands on Facial Protocol, Facial Massage Techniques, and Q&A. (Orig. 12/19/22)